Friday, November 6, 2009

Swiss Mister

Some day, I want Swiss Guards. Most of the Vatican is just too overdone for my tastes, but their uniforms? Just about perfect, and when we visited, they were about the only thing that Mr. Muscato and I agreed on; the particular guard snapped here was especially memorable...

Funny how they're all such elegant specimens themselves, too. Say what you will about the Mother Church's hierarchy, but they know a strapping young Swiss when they see one.


  1. The hierarchy sure do know a fine specimen when they see one.

    The former Archbishop (now a retired Cardinal) of the diocese I grew up in was known, in certain circles, as Mildred.

    Well, Millie had herself surrounded by such a good looking staff and her personal secretary was always the brightest blossom of the seminary class.

    Mildred was also rather notoriuos for taking her seminarians for trips to her Jersey shore house. "Oops! We're one bed short. Someone's going to have to bunk with me."

  2. The fact that my best pal's treasured china pattern is in fact a dated thirties floral called "Mildred" only makes that special story all the more so. Fits, somehow, doesn't it?

  3. I recently visited the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's, and I was shocked by how every male employee -- down to the last security guard -- looked like he had been hired from a modeling agency.

  4. Yeah, the eye-candy factor at the Holy See is pretty strong, and I'm not talking about the Michelangelos - but the Swiss Guards are clearly the A-Gays of the place...