Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Grand, isn't it?

I feel like dear Liza at just about 1:48 in this vintage little slice of Dinah Shore, for something rather wonderful, something almost too good to be true, has happened: just like Mrs. Levi to the Harmonia Gardens, Thom has at long last come back to us. Yes, it's so; he has descended from Fabulon to take up residence at the Chateau Thombeau.

And so, just a tad, I like the life I'm living, just a little bit more, nowadays...


  1. I'm dramatically clasping my hands to my breast as we speak!

    Fabulosity, thy name is Thombeau!

  2. I feel a bit like Dinah.
    (vaguely lesbian, I mean)

  3. What fabulous news. I'm of to the chateau. Luv ya, gotta run.

  4. Wasn't it wonderful when people used to have such spontaneous and unrehearsed - not to mention not chemically induced - reactions on live television?

    Jokes apart, whatever she was taking, I want some - I want some now!

  5. How fabulous! And how perfectly timely to find this clip on the evening of the annual Fred Ebb Award.