Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fly Away Home

So, as mentioned a couple of days ago, I've planned a little treat to make up for the trials and tribulations of this particularly tiresome November. I'm flying off to meet Mr. Muscato in Egypt and spend a few days on the shores of the Red Sea; it's a tad counterintuitive to go from one idyllic seaside resort to another, I know, but the Egyptian version has any number of diversions one doesn't find hereabouts - being in Egypt, principally.

With Ermilia safely home, I know Koko is in good hands, and with things humming over at the Chateau Thombeau, I hope I'll be forgiven if we once again slip - briefly - into intermittent mode.


  1. It sounds "more of the same", but that probably would offend Omanis and Egyptians at the same time. Depends where in Egypt really, I suppose. But a change of scenery, however slight, really is a requirement, as we have learned to our cost in the last year or so.

    We have just returned from Hong Kong and Japan, and whilst that is probably just as crass as my remark, these two are hugely different to themselves and indeed to Thailand.

    And I do certainly feel the better for the "change, as good as a rest" adage.

  2. I hope I'll be forgiven if we once again slip - briefly - into intermittent mode

    You'll be forgiven if you let us watch you slip into your briefs.

    wv: rests

  3. Enjoy the break Muscato.

    I wish commitments didn't leave me stuck in this hell h... oh, wait, it's a free week's holiday and the winter has finally returned! Ahhh, beach, BBQ, and champagne. That will do nicely. And Ms Dragon does look amazing in her new bikinis...

    Still, hurry back.

  4. For the fabulous travel poster alone, all is forgiven, Muscato.

    Enjoy yourself...and the Mister.

  5. Signor Muscato's poster sent me off to listening once again to Incognito's Nights Over Egypt.

    There's a sky in the east
    Over pyramids at Giza
    Where there once lived a girl
    She ruled the world
    Then down the nile
    He came with a smile
    He was the king
    She was the queen
    Under the moonlight
    Your eyes won't believe
    What your mind can't concieve
    Nights over Egypt
    Nights over Egypt

    While I ponder who's the king and who's the queen, I take the opportunity to shake my booty while watching the video once again