Monday, November 9, 2009

Such a Nice Young Man

Mrs. Stassinger over on Shawnee Court thought it was just marvelous that her Lloyd was so eager get a jump on his Christmas craft projects. The lower-rent mothers two blocks east had a thing or two to say about the boy whom, over their ChampAles and Parliament Menthols, they called Queeny McPrissyPants...

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  1. We had a lad of 3 or 4 in our neighborhood a few years back who insisted on wearing his yellow galoshes, rain or shine.

    We christened him Little Billy Gay Boots and loved watching him skip and trot about on the neighboring lawns. We had high hopes for another member of the tribe back then.

    We've since befriended his parents and the boy. The galoshes are gone, and he's all about football and race cars and yelling and rough and tumble.

    But he's got a little sister now, and she's unusually large and grunts a lot.

    Hope springs eternal...