Sunday, July 6, 2008


So, you ask - what have those two scamps, Muscato and Mr. Muscato, been up to? Still on the road. We've crossed the Atlantic - missing the old Normandie or Berengaria every inch of the way - and landed in Boston.

We admired tall buildings:

And the bronzes outside the Public Library. If I had an ounce of energy I'd look them up, but I think they're St. Gaudens.

We moved on to family in and about Manhattan, and celebrated the Fourth on the Circle Line, taking in the much-ballyhooed temporary installation, the Waterfalls. Rather dramatic:

And had a sober moment passing part of Lower Manhattan, where no matter what goes in and up, there will always be an aching void:

And ended up in my sister's rather Narniesque garden to think about it all:

A very dull couple of weeks coming up, learning the kinds of things that practical people think are important in perhaps the direst of all American cities: its capital. We will extract what joy we can, and pass it on.


  1. wow...that's a cool garden.

  2. Darling, I too am headed off to Our Nation's Capitol. I'm being sent there by the agency I work for, even though I swear I haven't doen anything wrong. Nothing they can prove, anyway. On August 5 and 6. Will you still be there? Drinks at Annie's Steakhouse? I'll be the tall skinny one with the bitter look on my face.

  3. Alas, MrP, 'tis not to be - we will have decamped by August back to our kingdom by the sea. What a shame! Now, if you ever find yourself in the Persian Gulf, keep an eye out for a pair of stout parties with an entrancing small dog in tow...

  4. Poop. Well, greetings to the Wonder Dog when you see him next.