Monday, July 28, 2008

Now, Voyager...

When did people stop dressing for travel?

I have to admit, gentle readers, that even I won't be donning a cloche and kicky traveling stole for the next leg of our seemingly endless journey, which today takes Mr. Muscato and me from glamourous Boston to exotic Amsterdam, where we will indulge in many of the local vices.

By which, of course, I mean tulip speculation and brisk walks along the canals.

Sure I do.


  1. What people wear on airplanes is disgusting. I understand that you want to be comfortable, particularly on an overseas flight, but do you *really* need to be in your pajamas in public?

    Have fun sniffing the, ah, tulips!

  2. Once again, bon voyage. Enjoy your brisk walks, but don't fall in the canals.

  3. "Tulip speculation"
    As in: "Don't you think that ruffled orange and yellow one there is a bit, well, you know...?"?

    In any event, enjoy!

  4. Charlotte, try to remember, we're hardly commercial travelers!