Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garden View

So yesterday turned out to be more of a gelato than a buttercream day, but, Mr. Muscato and I being hardy souls, we coped.

Today it's grey and even showery, but since we live in a desert that gets maybe three rains a year (about twenty minutes apiece), it's actually rather a novelty.

We've spent the day startling the passing tourist trolley by sitting out on the porch despite the weather, reading our books and gazing at the lovely plantings of our extremely festive landlady.

Here's the view:

Fortunately, it's clearing, so that Mr. Muscato will not be cheated of his daily dose of tea-dance, to which he has taken like ... well, like a gay man of a certain age to cocktails al fresco and a dose of techno.

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  1. Get down, you wild dogs, get down and funky.