Sunday, July 6, 2008

Image du Jour: Roz - is that you?

One day, if this picture is to be believed, Rosalind Russell - perhaps running late after a little too much fun the night before - raced into makeup and, paying no attention, sat one chair to the right of where she was supposed to be. Ninety minutes later, she arrived on set, much to everyone's confusion, done up as Ann Sheridan.

Well, that's as near as I can figure. What do you suppose happened? 'Cause that sure ain't the Roz I'm used to...


  1. Perc Westmore, or one of his ilk, got a little slap-happy with the war paint, that's for sure. And that pompadour practically needs its own zip code.

  2. It was a Westmore-Guilaroff conspiracy!