Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Eyes Have It

I have to admit that she's never been my favorite actress (too nervy, and the slew-of-adopted-chidren thing has always smacked too strongly of some kind of neurosis, not to mention the whole Woody/Woman Scorned thing; nonetheless, she's popped up hereabouts once or twice), but there's no denying that when dear Mr. Eisenstadt snapped her (on this day just 46 years ago, 'round about the time she was filming a little horror movie that made her a star), Mia Farrow was a presence to be reckoned with.  Is there anyone today with this kind of simplicity and intensity, not to mention a complexion of such extraordinary perfection?


  1. The eyes have practically disappeared behind the plastic cheekbones these days... Jx

  2. am i a fool? i read her book and believed her.

  3. I see Emma Stone...but without the humor and sense of fun.