Thursday, April 11, 2013

Never Jamwal Today

In my endless quest to broaden your horizons,* you Philistines you, and remind you that there's a great wide world out there beyond Hollywood hegemony, I happened this morning across a name and face new to me.  Instantly, I knew he was someone you, too, would want to know more about; he is one Vidyut Jamwal, a quickly rising star of the Subcontinental cinema.  Isn't he pretty?

While he's only made a handful of films, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu, over the past two years, he certainly doesn't lack presence.

His first big splash, a 2011 epic called Force (the mind reels) paired him with Café perennial, the dear Mr. John Abraham, and resulted in this arresting image.  In many ways, I'm with Janet Weiss in not liking a man with too many muscles, but in this case, I suppose I could make an exception.  And Janet never said a word about two men...

* Which, yes, pretty much does consist only of reading the features section of our woeful English daily and then doing some Google image searching - but really, if finding alluring snaps like this is the result, ought you complain, really?


  1. I'll tell you once, I won't tell you twice, you better wise up, Muscato Weiss.

  2. I could do without the bulging veins and whathaveyou, but oh to be an ice cube melted down the back of that spine.

  3. That is so funny, Rhiannon, that was my exact first reaction too. I really dislike those bulgy muscles. My late husband was so proud of his and I didn't give a toss. It is a man's smile and kindness that appeal to me more than anything. And if he laughs at my jokes, well, forget it, I am sunk. :)

  4. well, we're not all THAT sick are we?
    can still lift the hands & pound the keyboard?