Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Girl: American Beauty Nose

The Greatest Star, en style (faux) Warhol

Half a century on from what is to me still her most beguiling era - when she was the kooky fresh discovery with what seemed like a trick voice - today Miss Barbra Streisand turns a somehow unlikely 71.  She is what she is, much loved and much disliked.  As for me, I think she's swell.  How many people could sing "I'm the Greatest Star," confident in the knowledge you'll believe it?


  1. Apparently, and unfortunately, the "trick voice" ain't what it used to be. Jx

  2. you're so right jon.

    i don't care for her as a person,
    but ah those 60s & 70s.. i melt like buttah.