Friday, April 19, 2013

Elegy for April, 2013

Science, Bella Pratt, Boston Public Library.  Summer 2008.

I don't usually post poetry I've written here.  Today, I can think of nothing else to say.

Elegy for April, 2013 
There is evil in the world.
Ideas that poison minds, blight lives,
Twist whole nations in their circus-mirror
Non-reality.  Evil knows no borders.
There is evil in the world.

There is evil in the world.
It can be well-meaning, right-thinking
Just as easily as endlessly malign:
Impersonal and fixed on triumph,
There is evil in the world.

There is evil in the world:
The drone in the sky, the kettle-bomb;
The killing idea that I-am-more if
You-are-less; the notion, horrible,
That might trumps all.
This is the evil in the world.

This evil in the world
Ignores the least of us
Ignites the worst of us
Destroys the best of us
Demands the mind to shut
The heart to stop
The hand to slap and not
To touch the tender sleeping face
Of one who dreams of only love,
Tomorrow's breakfast, summer, joy, and not -
Not yet - this evil in the world.


  1. beautifully written, thank you

    to tenderness & joy ~ always

  2. Thank you for this. I wish you never had to write it.