Sunday, April 21, 2013

On The Avenue...

On this date in 1951, the inconveniently Midtown course of the ticker-tape parade in honor Gen. MacArthur forces a couple of unlikely pedestrians off the sidewalk and into the street.  He looks rather put out, but isn't she reveling in the unexpected attention?  a one-woman parade all on her own, really.  Looks to be this close to just centering herself in the middle of the Avenue and starting to wave.

Funny, isn't it, how ever more difficult it gets, as time passes, to credit that theirs was considered a Great Romance?  Here they look more like they've hardly been introduced, and wouldn't have much in common (taste in overcoats aside) once they were...


  1. why, when at their respective tailors for coat fittings, did they both demand, "MAKE THE SLEEVES LONGER...EVEN LONGER!"

  2. My guess: a combo of the (actual fact) that they were both tiny and (purely a hunch) kleptos of the first water. Those coats started out that morning on the backs of the much more substantial Sherman Billingsley and Jinx Falkenberg. I just know it.

  3. If the explanation wasn't provided, I would have thought they were fleeing an angry mob. With Bessie taking on a rather Marie Antoinette attitude.