Monday, April 8, 2013

Equal Time

Just so I'm not accused of total favoritism, herewith proof that, when he naps, Boudi is almost as alluring as Koko.  He's a great deal more difficult to photograph, however, as he is distinctly a dog on the go when awake, and even (as here) when lost to the world, a light sleeper.  He's very fond of that blue velveteen sofa cushion, so I suppose it will have to accompany us on our upcoming journey even though it came with the house.  As to why he sleeps with one hind leg tucked up under his chin, I couldn't say.  He is Belgian, if that explains anything...


  1. A Belgian. Ah, well that explains the foot thing.

    Actually no, it doesn't, I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. The only thing I know about Belgians is that when I was in college my biology professor, a nun, went to Belgium for a conference and never returned. She ran away with a Belgian doctor.

    But he is lovely, I'm glad you got a snap. I love seeing other people's dogs. I have a hard time taking my Bella's picture because she is afraid of thunder and she thinks the flash is lightning. So she runs when she sees the camera.

    She is a Shih Tzu and I think that explains a lot. :)

  2. Both our boys alternate between vast bravado and utter cowardice, so it was a surprise when had our recent thunder storm to see them totally nonchalant about it all. But, oh, just let there be an unexpected sound in the next room and the rush for the nearest lap is a sight to behold...