Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Now it's Time...

...to say goodbye.  When I was a child (and the shows were in reruns - it was the late sixties, mind you, not the show's late-fifties heyday) this song used to make me cry.  Watching it again last night, it came close to doing so again.  Can you imagine any children's show today closing in such a downbeat, even rather stately sort of way?

Thinking about it, it wasn't so much the song, although the minor key certainly turns the jaunty theme song into something more somber - it was the "see you real soon."  Maybe even then I knew that wasn't always true...


  1. Nice to think that Annette and most of those 50's Mousketeer kids went on to fairly normal adult lives. Would that it still turned out that way for more of today's youthful stars.

  2. Of course I was saddened by her passing but am glad that her suffering is over. Everything I've read or heard showed her to be a good and kind woman and to see her waste away was heartbreaking. Hope there was a big dance party waiting for her in heaven.