Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Many Friends of Danny La Rue

The British press is now two days into what can only be described as light-hearted mourning, marking the passing of the nation's longest-running Sweetheart in Sequins. He's seen here with the previous record holder.

Is it just me, or does it seem possible that cocktails might have been being served in the Royal Box? I've never seen that tiara pushed quite that far back before.

Here, one stately work of art contemplates another; both look like they could use one of those dubonnet-and-gins that may have contributed to the royal disarray above.

No actual royalty here, but Mr. La Rue's just come from seeing her. At those investitures, there's usually a string orchestra playing light favorites. One would love to know what accompanied Danny's moment with Her Majesty - "I Enjoy Being a Girl"? "Baubles, Bangles, and Beads"?

Once again, no literal royalty, but I think this pair makes up for not having a picture with the actual Queen. Sadly, now, both have gone to the Grace Bros. branch above...

And only one queen here, but I can't resist dear Mr. Stewart's expression. Is he horrified, intrigued, just a little turned on - or a delicious blend of all three?


  1. Inman and LaRue making headlines and hilarity in Heaven.

  2. I thought perhaps that Mr. LaRue had asked Mr. Stewart to, "Pull my finger," but I'm sure Danny was too much of a lady for the likes of that.

    The Grace Bros. branch above is perfect and lovely. I'll be stealing that, Muscato.