Monday, June 8, 2009

Girls Get Around

Dottie's a girl on the town - all over town...

While Bette's keeping it real on the West Side.

Goldie's stirring things up just a little further East (note to self: Hal Holbrook, astonishingly, didn't always look like Mark Twain. This may require further investigation)...

And girls in the Deep South, it would seem, are no better than they should be.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the otherwise unheralded Grace Smith appears to be mixed up with The Sepia Bela Lugosi.

Miss Harlow, fabulous as always (did she ever wear anything that wasn't bias-cut white satin?) is busy playing "show me" with Franchot Tone (at least I hope it's Franchot - this isn't another one of those that tries to pair her off with Lionel, is it?).

Further afield, some girls are trying to Menace the Fate of the World (while looking smashing in black latex)....

...even as others are trying to save it.

They are, all of them, girls on the go, and all of them, in their own ways, seem intent on proving true perhaps the wisest adage to come down to us from the mystic 1980s: girls just want to have fun. Truer words, children, truer words. Just ask the Girl from Tobacco Row. Or Mars.


  1. While investigating Mr. Holbrook in his Pre-Twain days, keep an eye out for the TV movie That Certain Summer where dear Hal played lover to the hunky young Martin Sheen. It was quite a leap forward for TV drama in 1972 regardless of how it might hold up today. It was my first look at any type of gay story (I was 7), and it has stayed with me since.

  2. Watch for Hal in the soon-to-be-released (hopefully) movie "The Evening Sun" which has been wowing audiences (and winning awards) on the film festival circuit.