Saturday, June 6, 2009


Iron-clad in her self-regard, resplendent in a necklace that looks like an explosion in a pearl fishery, and apparently entirely unaware that her left bosom has started to drift off as if wanting to leave the room without her. And yet, against all odds, a star to reckon with, even here, even now.

(borrowed from the startingly comprehensive
Joan Crawford encyclopedia, The Best of Everything)


  1. Her hair is telling several stories, too. And in each one, Joan is the STAR.

  2. What I like about these shots is that she looks so much like a lounge singer in a Midwestern hotel - as if things had gone very differently, and she was now a thrice-divorced resident of Kansas City who had once, briefly, been in pictures - "Appearing Nitely in the Camelot Room - Miss Billie Cassin!"

  3. Are you sure her necklace isn't made of her dear adopted children's baby teeth?

  4. Actually, it's made of Tina's molars. Full grown.