Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Let's turn back the page to 1968 and recall - and why is it always such a surprise? - that Charo was in fact an incredibly talented musician. That she got to be Charo on top of it hardly seems fair.

Take my word for it - you want to stay through the end of this one, kiddies, both to see in its full glory her gilded playsuit and... well, stick around.


  1. Charo was the "Special Guest Star" the night that I saw the wonderful Off-Broadway variety show spoof, "Pete 'n' Keely." I rolled my eyes when I found that out and expected her to be one big hoochie koochie joke. She sat down, played classical guitar and blew the whole theater away. She was astoundingly talented.

  2. I hope for her sake that she laughed all the way to the bank at people who laughed at her. Once I ate at the restaurant she owned on the north shore of Kauai. Lots of photos of her all around, but alas, no Charro live that night.