Monday, October 6, 2008

On the Road Again

Oh, darlings - I've been traveling again, and I'm not happy. Forced across seven times zones and three flights covering some twenty-five hours, all for a business conference that will last three days and then send me hurtling home again. Isn't this the kind of thing that videoconferencing was supposed to solve?

The exquisite horrors of international travel are too well known to complain too much about here, but really. I mean. You find yourself trying to induce deep-vein thrombosis just in hopes of passing out to make the time go faster. The only bright spot was having acquired, bless you i-Tunes, the new David Sedaris to listen to, although that certainly was a mixed blessing for my very patient seat-mates, who had to put up with my ill-concealed chortling.

Having arrived over the weekend, at least I've had a day to decompress, a little sleep, and a very festive evening with lifelong pal Miss Rheba. We've reached the stage, having been bosom buddies for thirty-odd years, at which together we can sit around for hours comparing the trials of middle age and consider the conversation as scintillating as it was when we were aspiring Algonquinites and far more self-consciously clever.

But now I have go put on a necktie and be Very Solemn for a while. No wonder I'm twitchy.


  1. I LOVE David Sedaris... I was just turned on to him and devoured "Me Talk Pretty Some Day"

    What book did you get? How is it?

    ...and more import what knot are you working on your ties? Me, I like a Windsor...

  2. oh darling, no snarkiness from me, only deep, deep sympathy.

    As to knots, I refer a four-in-hand, but they're all just variations on a hangman's noose, after all.

  3. Yikes.
    I'd have to resort to drugs, I'm sure. Good luck to you!

  4. The knot? It's just the one that my grandmother taught me when I was six, so if you see a portly gentleman in a conservative suit who at the same time reminds you for some reason of an Edwardian schoolgirl in a neckerchief, that's likely me.

    The Sedaris? When You Are Engulfed in Flames, and very good fun it is, too.

    The travel? Hell. It's cold here, and far too dark in the mornings. I want to go home.