Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And We're Back!

Our evil telecom overlords have apparently seen fit to allow us back onto at least the slow lane of the information superhighway. Yes, Blogger is back, and so are we. Blessings on local scribe Kishor for putting out the good word, and big up to Suburban for the best response to the temporary crisis.
I thought I'd celebrate by running this endearing image, which I've had lying about but not been able to think how to use.

Is that a cell phone she's carrying? Why is she pointing? And doesn't it look like she's just laid down the law to a doubting interlocutor? "No, I assure you, that is in fact the chandelier from which my dear late sister used to swing when in her cups."

Anyway, now that that unpleasant little interruption is apparently behind us, expect more of the usual ramblings, carissimi....


  1. I believe that's a garage door clicker she's holding. Perhaps she was going out for a drive and was pointing out to one of the staff the sticky hand and foot prints on the ceiling after another visit from the grandkids.

    Just a thought.

    But you may be right about the chandelier. I can't tell from the picture which part of the palace she's in.

  2. Oh, me dear, how good to have you back, I've missed you terribly. And by "you" I mean Muscato, not the Queen.

  3. 1904 "borrowed" my idea of the garage door clicker. It is, however, quite obvious that those are the royal stairs into the royal garage in which hangs the royal chandelier from which HRH Princess Margaret was known to frollick from within her cups -- which explains why said royal chandelier now illuminates said royal stairs into said royal garage.