Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Girl: She Built That City

Grace Slick - such a sweet, demure young California debutante and Mayflower descendant. Can you believe that she turns 69 today, having been born in the epochal year 1939, which also brought us Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and World War II?

She's seen it all, from the craziness of San Francisco in the sixties to a thwarted attempt to pyschedelicize Richard Nixon by slipping LSD into a White House punchbowl to, in her retirement from the Business We Call Show, a remarkably busy life as a popular painter.

She's also gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, having had a hand in writing both the great hommage to Alice in Wonderland that is "White Rabbit" and that landmark in late-eighties cheese, "Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now."

So far, nothing has.

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  1. Hey nice post on Grace Slick. I saw Jefferson Starship in 1975 free concert central park.
    Her being 69 reminds me ( now 49) Im close behind.