Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Date with Judy

And her ass.

Well, I guess we can tell what Judy Lynn thought her own personal Part of Love was, no? I cannot imagine a better image of a woman who sang something called "I'm His Old Lady"; I'm sure she was.

Also: do you suppose this is where Lady Bunny found her original inspiration?


  1. 5/24/12 wrote:
    Nice short notification on now-forgotten but flashy cowgirl singer Judy Lynn. During the 1960's (1962-1973 to be exact,as how long her recording career lasted)Judy used to appear on several albums on labels (United Artists, Musicor)owned by Pappy Daily as a flashy rhiestone cowgirl (think of her as Sally Starr meets Patsy Montana with a little bit of Toy Story's Jesse thrown in for good measure)singer and yodeler who was known for country hits "Hello Operator"(1962) and "Footsteps Of A Fool"(1963).Her Nudie-styled rhinestone clothes (she thought of the rhinestone cowpoke look LONG before Glen Campbell) and wide-brimmed stetson hats were dashing on the dozen or so album covers she issued, so much that fellow rival country singer Lynn Anderson copied her style, and wound up an even bigger success than Judy, thanks to that "Rose Garden" song.The 3 Amaret LPs came from the early 1970's after a brief stint with Columbia Records(that period was 1968-70,and had no notable hits),and suggested a slight noticeable change in her style (up until 1970, Judy always wore a cowboy hat on her publicity photos, just like Dale Evans, Sally Starr, Gail Davis,etc.,but on the Amaret LP covers she went hatless, and grew her hair longer, probably to catch up with the rival longhaired style of Lynn Anderson)and set herself up like a sex kitten (again, like Lynn Anderson did on her covers, although Judy was 35 years old by this point. According to a recent country biography, she was born in 1935.)The first Amaret LP ha dher biggest hit since 1964 with "Married To A Memory",but it was hard to get a follow-up hit. Judy issued one more album in 1973 (on the Sunset label,owned by her then-husband John Kelly, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the LP was titled, "Judy Lynn Sings Her most requested hits".)then quit music to become a born-again Christian, and to go into the ministry as a preacher and inspirationalist, which she reportedly still does today, at 78 years of age.) She is still collected among C-W fans today for her outlandish clothes and her ability to challenge Patsy Montana (who's been yodeling on records since 1934) to hear how one can hit the highest yodeling note. Toy Story Jesse would have been so proud.

  2. 10/2/12 wrote:
    I'm Sad To say that Judy Lynn (1938,not1935-2010) passed away in the state of Indiana on May 26,2010 of heart cogestion at the age of 74,in case you have not heard it yet. Her passing was reported on Wikepedia.In the last 30 years of her life she was a Christian/Gospel preacher & performer after her career in music ended around 1976.She will be missed and was a great performer,and a very sharp dresser.R.I.P.,Judy.