Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4 Gals 4

I don't remember where I found the picture, and I can't tell you anything about them. I wish I could claim that the second-from-left was Sarah Palin, but no such luck.

They might be restaurant or cocktail-lounge hostesses, or possibly late-in-life bridesmaids at somebody's third wedding, but I'm really, really afraid that they sing.


  1. Goodness
    Some snappy numbers there!

  2. All I see (thankfully) in this pic is the odd angle of DIVoid #3's seemingly broken wrist and cannot help but recall the episode "Menopause" of Ab-Fab where Pats suffering from brittle bones has to set her own broken wrist...

  3. ...or the last few minutes of Death Becomes Her (one of the most maddeningly inconsistent films of all times - alternately brilliant and idiotic, and not in a good way).

    You're right - that's an odd flex she has there. But trust me - were you to see the original mega-image, all you would see is the hair, in all its Haircuttery splendour.

  4. Of course you're right... OF COURSE YOU ARE. I mean, look who you are!

    That hair...
    Very 'Top Cuts'.
    Trés Fantastic Sams!