Friday, October 31, 2008

The Darlings of Cinema

Róisín Murphy's "Movie Star" has been a major iPod favorite for months now, but only today did I think to track down the video. I suppose everyone else in the world has seen this endlessly, but it seems to me an excellent way to close out Hallowe'en.

It is anarchic, gleeful, marvelous - equal parts prime John Waters and early Fellini, with a dash of Cyndi Lauper circa "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and more than a little George Romero toward the end. And under, around, and through it all, that seductive, chugging beat perfectly setting off Murphy's sweet, slightly steely voice.



  1. LOVE her. The clip to "If We're In Love" from the first album is brilliant too. I covet the sequined dress frankly.

  2. Love her too.
    (and that's a pretty perfect description there.)