Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Most Frustrating

I'm not ignoring you, darlings - I'm home safely and all's well...


The idiots that run this place - I'm sorry, I'm mean the Glorious Authorities of This Blessed Sultanate - have managed to do something, none of us know quite what, yet, that has disabled almost all Blogger functions. That means that those of us living here can't post or otherwise manage our blogs OR post to other peoples' blogs, unless we are working with one of the various workarounds to the Magic Filter that keeps the Big Bad Internet away from us.

So I'm taking this brief moment of access to an open machine (which doesn't, alas, have access to the bandwidth to allow a devastating graphic - and believe me, they're piling up) to let you know that we shall see what we shall see, but it looks like pickings will be slim at the Café for the near future, at least.

Harrumph! My inner dowager fingers her pearls in dudgeon. High Dudgeon.


  1. oh! that sounds... disastrous? evil? or should i be more diplomatic and say annoying? perhaps i should simply request you to move as i cannot fathom how i should live without this particular café [insert visual of swooning lady].
    i'm worried. i heart your blog.

  2. Outrageous! Don't they know who you are?

  3. Are you still in distress? Are you able to blog or are you still on the fainting couch?