Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Word Salad

Every once in a while a word will cross my mind, and I'll realize how very lovely it would sound - if only one didn't speak English. The most recent one is, of all things, "suppository." (no, no gory backstory, thank goodness).

Think about it. "Suppository." What a serene, classical sort of sound it has. It might be the name of a room of a cathedral, or the architectural term for some supporting part of a dome. Or perhaps a kind of garden pavilion, a pergola or gazebo...

"Have you seen Lady Blanche?" the Duke asked testily. "By Jove, Mrs. Gleaning, she becomes flightier by the hour!"

"I have, Your Grace," replied the housekeeper slyly. "I believe she is with Sir Edgar in the Suppository."


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