Friday, June 13, 2008

Unlikely Incarnations


Barbie Streep.

You slog away for decades to become one of the world's most successful Big Serious Actresses. Then, one day, for a lark, you take a silly, showy part in a comedy that turns out to be a runaway success, and what happens?

Some queen goes and makes a doll out of you. Although to my untrained eye, the whole effect is more evocative of Alexis/Nolan Miller than Miranda/Prada, but then I suppose it's hard to get the leopard skin just right at 11 1/2" scale.

And all of of this only because I felt like running a couple of shots of Miss Streep, just because.

I love her in her classics:
Here, as, in Bette Midler's memorable impression, "the French Leftenant's Whoooooooooooore...", or equally, as she so often admirably is, straight up, no make up:

I've been thinking that whatever one thinks about the current crop of Hot Young Things (Misses Johansson, Portman, et al), we are, in a few year, in for an amazing crop of fabulous Old Lady Actresses: just think of the movies that could be made by bringing together Streep, Close, Hawn, Sarandon, and more as they move in a decade or two toward their eighties and beyond.

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