Monday, June 16, 2008

...And then it Happened...

Sometimes, children, I fear I'm getting old.

I was awfully pleased to hear there was a movie coming out called "The Happening", but only because I assmed it had something to do with this.

I still think this would make a better picture...


  1. Asymmetrical ‘dos, Ed Sullivan, psychedelia and the Supremes. What a fabulous time. I actually remember the original move “The Happening” that this was the theme song for. It was the same story that Bette Midler’s “Ruthless People” was based on. Faye Dunaway, Anthony Quinn, George Maharis, lots of people who should have known better.

  2. From what I read, "The Happening" is about an overpowering, supernatural force which wreaks havoc upon the poor humans who are in her wake.

    This is a clip from it, no?

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  4. Jason -- Don't make me get all Ross on your ass. LOL.