Thursday, June 5, 2008

"I am Big!"

Actually, the biggest thing about Zarah Leander was her hands - she had mitts like a truckdriver. And, late in life, a voice rather like one.

Here, for no particular reason, she strikes a starry pose, with sunglasses adding a piquant note to her de rigueur uniform of evening gown and furs. I bet this is what she wore to go grab the paper most mornings. In many ways, when it comes to stardom, Sunset Boulevard was a documentary.


  1. Muscato,

    Love the blog. Is it OK if I link to you from Muscat Confidential?


  2. Please do! You know I'm shy, or I would have asked.

    Love yours, as well - definitely on the cutting edge of what we can get away with saying around here...