Thursday, May 22, 2008

Marry Me a Little...

Thinking of Forster, and Egypt, reminds me of how lucky I was to find Mr. Muscato that fine evening not far from the Nile almost five years ago. The good news from California makes me wish we could be there in a couple of weeks so we could get formally hitched.

In the meantime, all combine to remind me of this snap: flowers and our rings on the nightstand of a Cairo hotel. We knew what was going on within a couple of days, but held off on the rings for almost a year.


  1. Caro, good for you. And how very, very charming. Surely, Mr. Muscato is one lucky dog.

  2. How romantic it all sounds!

  3. Rings on a nightstand in a hotel full of happy memories. I love it. I love happy endings.

    Perhaps a California Vacation for the two if you this year? That would be awesome.