Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Image du Jour: The Lubitsch Touch

"Dear Friend..."

Television in these parts is weird - Egyptian soap operas, Lebanese videos, and tacky pay-satellite channels endlessly showing "The Nanny" and "Two and a Half Men." We have TCM, but it's the UK version, which appears to have a library of approximately 15 films, 10 of which star Clint Eastwood. Therefore, it was a suprises, a lovely one, to switch on the box tonight and catch the last 20 minutes of one of the Very Great Works of Art: The Shop Around the Corner. Margaret Sullavan is such heaven that it's actually hard to imagine her in anything else...


  1. Yes. I love that film. Christmas Eve with the snow coming down. Frank Morgan as Mr. Matuschek inviting the new employee to a grand restaurant dinner.

  2. Mr. Matuschek! I actually rummaged around hoping to find a still of Frank Morgan with the errand boy. There are amazing little moments of heartbreak in that picture, and Morgan causes several of them...

  3. Yes, Frank Morgan was always great in all his roles. And such a unique voice.