Monday, February 11, 2013

Red Shoe Diary

Oh I used to be disgusted
and now I try to be amused.
But since their wings have got rusted,
you know, the angels wanna wear my red shoes.
But when they told me 'bout their side of the bargain,
that's when I knew that I could not refuse.
And I won't get any older, now the angels wanna wear my red shoes...
- Elvis Costello

I can't say I'm too broken up about the imminent departure of the Nazi hobbit, the world's best-known old gentleman in eyelet lace and scarlet pumps since the heyday of Milton Berle.  I do find it interesting that he's heading down the trail blazed by Queen Beatrix rather than showing the lifelong stamina that has characterized his predecessors since the late thirteenth century.  It's probably too much to hope that we'll get something better on the day the white smoke flutters out of that Italian chimney, but let's try.

In the meantime, of all the richness of inappropriate choices, at least today's surprise announcement gives me a reason to remind the world of my single favorite photo of @Pontifex, ever.


  1. Good riddance, ruby slippers and all... Jx

  2. ...and one note, just so I'm on record when the time comes - is it just me, or are all waiting for the other shoe to drop? What, as Paul Harvey would have asked, is the rest of the story? Crisis of faith? Undisclosed health issue? Scandal in the form, as Faye Dunaway would ask, of the boys and booze? I can't help feeling we haven't heard the last of this...

    1. Agreed. When Ed told me about the resignation the other morning, the first words out of my mouth were, "This can't be the whole story. There's something big coming."