Thursday, February 21, 2013

Later, on the Dance Floor

As the years passed, it was decreasingly clear whether the widowed Lady Shufflehampton knew for certain if she was actually at a costume party or not.  Tonight, for example, she introduced her date to everyone as Sun Yat Sen, which is just silly; who here doesn't know he's Herman, the Tranquil Palms Retirement World's janitor?

Even so, I say that as long as those two kicky kids are having fun, let the music play...


  1. as the post opened, i thought
    that was mamie eisenhower.

    you can imagine my gasp.

  2. I was thinking Eleanor Roosevelt.

  3. However, her unrequited loan affair with the man would soon end - once she met Ramon, the doorman. Ramon was not new to Tranquil Palms, but with her short term memory issues, he seemed new to her every time he opened the door for her.

  4. Following the Pat Nixon blog I thought the same as Norma, that it was Mamie Eisenhower. Great minds truly do run in the same gutter.

  5. speaking of gutters, did you ever notice the opening of "SUNSET BOULEVARD"?

    the name of the's the gutter.

    1. Oh, Norma - as Oscar said, "we are all in the gutter - but some of us are looking at the stars." Unless we're in Scotland, in which case we're looking up kilts...