Monday, August 27, 2012

It's a Mod Mod Mod Mod World

If'it's been a while since you've seen the video that explains - to the extent that anything can - this picture, well then it's high time you had another look.  The song got stuck in my head when we were in the UK earlier this summer, for obvious reasons - although I want to dispel any rumor that catty people (looking at you, Peenee) may have started about me gallivanting about anywhere "with a miniskirt on," as the deathless lyric goes.

And once you've recovered, we can consider whether there is still any comic fodder to be made of old people acting younger.  I've been away from American TV too long - is that still a thing?  If so, who are these older people, and what do they dress up as - Snooki?  Katy Perry?

As for Miss Ball, here, I have to admit, however grudgingly, that this still is distinctly less alarming than seeing her in motion.  It's not flattering - one couldn't go that far, not with those boots and that hat - but she can almost carry off the dress.  Almost.


  1. Oh. My. Lord. I just followed that link, and my brain has been slightly scarred by the experience... Jx

  2. I'm sure you looked infinitely better in your A-line than Lucy did.

    Had the poor thing no one around her who could say "Time to give it up, old girl?"

    1. Alas, these days I fear that on me, an A-line would be more of an O-line.

      And as for poor Lucy, I fear that the fact that this was filmed before all of the only middling (if at times endearing) Here's Lucy, the execrable Mame, and the unspeakable final series, Lifelike Lucy answers your question all too well.