Friday, August 31, 2012

Dinner Date


One knew, of course, that Miss de Havilland was born in Japan, but frankly I wouldn't have thought Miss Davis had a clue about chopsticks.

Do you suppose they stuck around for karaoke later on?  Something tells me that's not Bette's first bottle of sake, so anything's possible.


  1. I picture Bette doing Yum-Yum, Olivia as Peep-Bo, and a late arriving (and unwelcome) Joan Fontaine belting out Pitti-Sing in a rousing karaoke Mikado done with their best girlish glee.

    1. Oh, that sounds plausible - but you know that after just that much more sake, nothing's going to stop Bette from belting out "Total Eclipse of the Heart"...