Friday, July 27, 2012

[Not Even Vaguely] Freaky Friday

For no other reason than that the very thought of her cheers me up, the late, great Miss Shelley Winters.  She's apparently and for reasons lost in the mists of time doing a not at all bad Ann Sothern impression, and if nothing else the old girl looks a good deal more ladylike than was her more usually wanton wont.

Today is a bit of a holding pattern, as the various medical and bureaucratic Powers What Am confer on whether or not I'm in a fit state to travel.  If all goes well, we begin the long journey home tomorrow; if not, it's more sitting around.  Our itinerary, should we be able to follow it, takes us back through London, which we'd carefully planned to avoid during the current quadrennial hoo-ha.  The best-laid plans, you know - which is really rather the lesson of the last week or so, in some ways.


  1. Shelley makes everything better!

    Best wishes, honey. May all your pills be good ones.

  2. It's all smooth sailing through Heathrow. No worries. x

  3. so awful to be sick away from home.

  4. Muscato...also known as Shirley.

  5. Stop calling me...

    Oh, hell - go right ahead. I have to admit there is a more than slight resemblance, although sadly more post-Poseidon than Place in the Sun.

    Thans, Scots, for the good word. We actually have to overnight in town, so it's not just the airport, but I'm sure we'll survive...