Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Zone(s)

Another day, another round of fascinating tests...

But first, just to, as it were, cleanse our palates, herewith we see one Mr. Karim Sherif, who from the paucity of information available Internetically, appears to have reached the apogee of his fame when he achieved second runner-up status at the 2006 Mr. Egypt handsomeness pageant.  Pity, as he certainly displays a little star quality in this moody snap, no?

Something alone this line came to mind today, actually, because, however unpleasant today's spell at Prestigious University Hospital, it was definitely enlivened by the presence of Hunky Lab Tech Kevin, who was not unKarimish in appearance.  He had the look, in fact, of one of those fresh-faced young men who show up in certain kinds of online videos from firms with names like Forbin Cisher or Cean Sody (not that I'd know anything about that sort of thing - we all know how effective the Sandlandian censors are!).  The scrubs certainly helped, but the biceps - ah, the biceps!

Kevin (who sadly was accompanied throughout by a very nice nurse-practitioner with an unfortunate resemblence to Loretta Swit, long after her "Hotlips" phase, meaning it was really out of the question to even consider copping a feel from her colleague) did much to offset the actual round of tests, of which the less said, the better.

I did, however, learn two new phrases you don't want to hear on holiday this morning (and early this morning - what is it with hospitals and daybreak?):  "I'm just going to start infusing the radioactive dye...", followed, at the end of the multi-hour, multi-part mini-marathon, by "In case you do get cleared for travel [a likelihood that Loretta made sound about as possible as a Cruise-Holmes reunion], I'm going to give you this explanatory card.  You'll need it at the airport, 'cause you'll be setting off scanners from ten feet off for the next couple of days."

Thank you, Loretta.  And thank you, Kevin.  And, I suppose, thank you Karim, wherever you are...


  1. That must make being injected with some warm radioactive fluids so much more pleasurable... Jx

  2. heard on the radio that the above mentioned loretta will be here in town, one night only, in a one-woman show, playing....eleanor roosevelt! ELEANOR ROOSEVELT!

    the picture that came to mind wasn't pretty....swit's taut, stretched kisser, with francis the talking mule's buck teeth. where's greer garson when you need her.

  3. Oh. Oh, dear. I suppose it could be worse - it could be Loretta Young. But I think the only first lady she'd be right for would be Nancy Reagan.

    I thought Jean Stapleton had a kind of monopoly on ER plays, no?

  4. I'm sure you and Karim set off scanners wherever either of you goes.