Saturday, January 23, 2010

Serpent of Old Nile

Well, kids, the bad news is that the Café's favorite handsomeness pageant, the fabulous Manhunt International, appears to be on indefinite hold for the moment, ostensibly, according to its homepage, because of H1N1-related concerns on behalf of this year's host government, South Korea.

The good news is that thinking about this august annual event gives me an excuse, however tenuous, to run a photo of the rather exquisite onetime Mr. Egypt, Tarek Naguib. He's seen here rising from the Nile. Which, from what I remember of the Nile, may not be the world's most salubrious idea, although he certainly makes it look pleasant...


  1. I think you should take your political abilities and your past experience as an event planner and stage Manhunt yourself. You could have lots of in-depth interviews with contestants and stirring press releases about the important connection between posing straps and world peace.

  2. Tempting, darling, tempting - but I know the kind of slap fights that break out at these events, and it would be more than poor Mr. Muscato's nerves are worth - he can be very severe on those sorts of occasions.

  3. A very hot sexy guy from A very far country.

    Quelle chance a, celui-ci, d'avoir un visage et un corps si parfait.