Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blonde Bombshell

Here, in the latest go at our ongoing mission of spreading the good word about Arabic pop, is one of the region's leading blonde sensations, the vivacious Miss Madeleine Matar, singing her latest hit, "Ama Ajayeb" ("What a Wonder").

Visually, she's a stunning combination of Anna Nicole and Hedwig; vocally, she's not going to set the Nile on fire, but that's not really the reason for her reputation after all, is it? If her emoting and her dancing undulating aren't enough for you - even with her truly Desperate Living-quality fashion choices - there's the truly classy moment in which she catches a Champagne cork in her teeth.

And as for her supporting cast, I do think she has rather good taste in male models. If you've not got the patience to sit through the whole thing, there's an especially fetching moment 'round about 4:00...


  1. My, baby's certainly got back. And then some.

  2. oh, the poor wall...I will keep it in my prayers. It may not recover after - all of THAT.