Monday, January 11, 2010

Tuesday on Monday

Blogging never ceases to amaze. One of the things I love is how you can stumble onto a whole separate, parallel - yet welcomingly familiar - world. It's like opening one of those little doors in the endless corridor in which Alice finds herself.

I felt that way earlier this week when, while looking around for some photos to steal doing some photo research, I fell into the orbit of A Touch of Tuesday Weld. Here was a whole new world of star appreciation, snarky comments, vintage moments, and shared glee at the oddity of the world. The Proprietrix has a healthy list of followers and a varied blogroll, with, to my eye, no immediate shared names between her world and what I suppose we can think of as the Fabuloniverse (somebody thinks it's the Peeneeverse, and perhaps we oughtn't disasbuse him).

In any case, why not stroll on over and see what fun awaits? Just beware if a hookah-smoking caterpillar offers you cake...


  1. I never said it was a peenee-centric existence, that was just all my fans claiming that.

  2. i love finding new (to me) blogs! Thanks for pointing it out :-)

  3. I just downloaded the peeneevision app to my iPhone.

  4. I love making new blogging friends.


    A Touch Of Tuesday Weld

    p.s. 90% of my blogroll comes from sites where I, too, was doing some AHEM photo research ;-)