Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Be Our Guest

Much excitement about the Café today, as we're getting ready to welcome this evening our dear friend The Executrix, on a break from her dauntingly high-powered metropolitan life up in Europa. We look forward to several days of gossip, intemperance, and general catchings-up.

Seen here, of course, is one of the principal guest chambers of the Villa Muscato, in which we shall be lodging the dear girl . Oh, all right, it's not; it's a bedroom in the fabulous doll's house that formed one of Queen Mary's great legacies and which is one of my favorite things to visit when I've an idle hour to spare in Windsor. I do like to think it rather gives one an idea of our décor, though...


  1. Is that a chamberpot under the bed?

  2. Remember: Always count the silverware before and after house guests.

  3. Oh my, I have at least two books about Queen Mary's Doll house....
    both bought when I was a (very strange) teenager.

  4. As Diana Vreeland said "I miss fringe."

    Have a lovely time/