Sunday, October 19, 2008

Local Legends

My God! How have I reached the age of ... well, not all that much more than 30... without having heard the fabulous saga of Nita and Zita? I bet Jason knows all about them, but I sure didn't.

Now that I do, I feel an odd need to do something rash and spectacular. But that might just be the suddenly spectacular weather we're having, or the full moon. Or the cocktails. You decide.


  1. You be Nita, I'll be Zita , we'll take it on the road and be a smash.

  2. It's a deal! Perhaps we can team up with their modern incarnation: Dita!

  3. What is it with these girls from Eastern Europe? I'm just finding out about the Dolly Sisters, from Hungary. Wild and irresistible.