Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just What I've Always Wanted

Good news comes even in the worst of times, and yesterday marked at least one bright spot light years away from international financial collapse and evil political campaigns: the release of a new album by the one and only Miss Mari Wilson, the Queen of Neasden Soul. It's called Emotional Glamour, which might be the best title ever.

According to a rather Agony-Aunt article in London's Daily Mail, Miss Mari has been battling ill-health but is emerging triumphant. It's good to know that ever since her beehive-and-prom-gown days she's kept busy, as a jazz singer, nightclub chanteuse, and musical-comedy star, and now, from all indications, the new disk is a return to her roots. Based on a quick listen to the samples on her fab homepage, Emotional Glamor could be a lot of fun.

Here's a glimpse of Mari in her (first) hey-day, backed by the tempestuous Wilsations and berserkly fab:


  1. Of course we do - in my heart of hearts, I've always dreamt of being a Wilsation...

  2. Loved her.
    Anything with the word "taffeta" in it is "emotional glamour" for me.