Friday, October 17, 2008

Après et Avant: Edition Dalida

Dalida, Paris, c. 1981

Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti, Cairo, c. 1955


  1. Dalida was the ULTIMATE diva! My pal Sarospice and I have been obsessed with her for years. I would post her more often on Fabulon, but just the thought of explaining who she was and why she must be worshiped is enough to make me want to down some pills with liquor. And nothing good ever comes of that!

  2. Isn't she heaven?

    In Egypt she's considered a kind of combo of Loren and Piaf - the ultimate Local Girl Makes Good. I moved from fan to idolator two years ago, when we got to see the HUGE exhibition of her life in Paris. Unbelievable. Goddess!

  3. Before the treasure-trove that is YouTube, I got several videotapes via Ebay that I forced all my gays to watch. Also a documentary with great footage.

    It's awesome that you saw that exhibit! My plan is to someday go to Paris for a Dalida pilgrimage, to visit her grave and Place Dalida, her old house, the hotel where she tried to end her life, etc. And, if he's still alive, her crazy brother Orlando!

    My very favorite song she does is Avec le temps, she really made it her own. But I must say, I absolutely love everything she's done, regardless (or even because of!) how cheesy it may be. And I LOVE all the disco remixes. Their fabu!

  4. Ya'll need to haul ass to Montréal… tout suite!

    There’s this little French Style (and by French I mean PARISIAN FRENCH, but that slovenly and unattractively Québécois French) café around the corner from our house, in the Village called La Mie Matinale. The place is run by an Ex-Pat Francais names Regis, and I have to say he is THE Dalida fan of all Dalida fans. The café is papered floor to ceiling in photos and memorabilia of Dalida, including clothes, sunglasses etc.

    Here’s a link if you want check it out at least virtually…

    My personal fav songes are:
    Gigi Gigi l'Amoroso,
    Laissez Moi Danser |(naturally one of the gayest songs ever!)
    and of course Besame mucho.

  5. Besame Mucho, without a doubt a classic!

    It's good to know that, amongst other things, we are sisters in Dalida!

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  7. Welcome