Friday, August 22, 2008

We're Having Lunch at The Chedi Today

We're having lunch at The Chedi today.

Locals will know that this is Rather A Big Deal. I'm sure it will be wonderful - rich food, lovely atmosphere, a nice cold cocktail (once they're allowed to start serving, but don't get me started on that). I know that Mr. Muscato and I will have a splendid time.

The wonderful thing, though, is that we had just as good a time yesterday at lunch, in a little biryani joint behind a gas station, full of Indian guys enjoying their half-a-day off. And last night at a party with friends, on a roof looking out at the sea and the most beautiful silvery moon I've ever seen (and there we even brought the dog, making it all the more perfect).

I mention all of this, not because I want to boast about having lunch at The Chedi (I hope they still have their heavenly shrimp curry), or because I think our various comings and goings are of much real interest to the world, but because we are, as people do, having lunch at The Chedi to celebrate.

And what we are celebrating - I scarcely credit it myself - is five years. Which is something of a milestone, I think, not least in a world that has a habit at times of throwing roadblocks and brickbats our way.

So if you happen to be having lunch at The Chedi, and you see a pair of stout parties having a second Bloody Mary, well, now you know why. I hope you'll wish us well.


  1. Whee!!!!! How absolutely wonderful. And, in recognition of your special day, I'll see your two Bloodys, and raise you two more.

  2. Caro, how fabulous. I beleive the tradtional fifth year anniversary gift is wood, but bloody marys seem like a much more sensible idea.

  3. Congratulations!

    Full Food review please.

    Muscato, Stone and I would like to take you and Mr Muscato out for dinner or round ours for a BBQ some time. You seem like our sort of people. We completley understand if you would rather maintain your cloak of mystery though.

    Intrested? Could you drop me a line at otheroman @ gmail dot com, and then I'll or Stone will get back to you from my personal email.