Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Oh, the Magic of His Glance!"

In this endearing mini-epic, Lebanese ultra-star Nancy Ajram plays a kittenish Beirut hairdresser who astonishes her BFF, her mother, her baby sister, and finally her extremely festive colleague and their customers with the story of a hunky construction work who made eyes at her.

And guess what? In less than five minutes, it crams in all that plus a happy ending!

Frankly, I prefer it to any rom-com made since Four Weddings...


  1. So what happens when she finds out the humpy construction guy (the VERY humpy construction guy) has brought the flowers there for the nellie hairdresser co-worker queen?

  2. Is he to die or what? He shows up in some of her other videos, as well (the gay friend, too).

    I've always thought it was about 50-50 who those flowers are for. I think Nancy would be pleased as punch for them; the BFF, though - she might cut somebody.