Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Girl: Steve and...

77 years ago, Fortune and Nessim Gormezano of the Bronx had themselves a baby daughter, Edith. Little did they suspect that she would grow up to be an international superstar, one of the most publicly married people in the United States, and a regular on the Mike Douglas Show.

Yes, it's Eydie Gorme's big day, and we wish her many happy returns. I hope Steve has gotten her something nice.

I actually love her voice - it's warm and unaffected, much like, from all accounts, the lady herself, but big and brassy when necessary (ditto). It is, if such a thing is possible, a Populuxe voice, entirely of the time when she and Steve were young and on the rise.

But I have to say -

I can think of few performers less likely to Swing the Blues. Especially while dressed, however fabulously, as Maria Callas.

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  1. I LOVE her!!!! I spent a small fortune, over the years, collecting nearly all of her albums on CD (the Japanese rake you over the coals, they really do). Whee!!!!

    She and Steve have slowed down their touring schedule, but the next time they play the NY area, I am SO there.