Wednesday, May 28, 2008


...has a lovely personality... frequently a bridesmaid...

...knows better than any of us:

It's Barbie's world. Midge just lives in it.


  1. So...I guess Midge was supposed to be the wisecracking Eve Arden best-friend type to Barbie the star?

  2. Oh, I think it's more complicated than that. I always thought that the various incarnations of Eve did fairly well for themselves - had lives off on their own. You just know that Ida only put up with Mildred's craziness because it made such good stories when she played bridge with the girls.

    Midge, though - she's got problems. There's a hidden undercurrent of resentment toward Barbie that always threatened to send her over the edge. Couldn't have helped that her putative boyfriend, Allan, seemed to have more time for Ken than for her...

  3. Thanks. Midge looks like she'd have a terrible temper, too. Especially when she has the red hair.

  4. Oh, yeah - don't let those freckles fool you. Mess with her, Midge will cut you.