Monday, May 26, 2008

Image du Jour: Kay Francis

I don't think I've gone on nearly enough about how I feel about Kay Francis. At some point, I'll probably have to tell you exactly how fabulous, misunderstood, and generally incredible she was.

Until then, bask in the beauty of this middle-late period still.


  1. Greetings from another Kay Francis fan. Definitely underappreciated, especially by those in charge of releasing movies to DVD!

  2. Augh! Doesn't it drive you mad! Imagine a boxed set - as it seems they're doing for everyone this side of Bess Flowers: House on 56th Street, Confession, I Found Stella Parish - or her earlier, naughty films, like Jewel Robbery and Girls Around (About?) Town!

    Or even a nice campy set of the Monogram Trilogy. I'd pay for it!

  3. I agree. I mean, does Alice Faye really need two box sets? (Though I can't fault it entirely, since the 2nd one gets Four Jills in a Jeep onto disc.)

  4. She's devastatingly beautiful. I've not see this photo of her.